• Vision

    To lead a global movement towards a fashion landscape where self-expression knows no bounds, where authenticity reigns supreme, and where individuals are empowered to embrace their true identities without fear or hesitation.

  • Mission

    Our mission is to challenge the norms of the fashion industry by creating a premium unisex clothing line that transcends traditional gender constructs and celebrates the beauty of diversity. Through our meticulously crafted garments and commitment to authenticity, we aim to inspire individuals to rise above societal expectations, embrace their unique identities, and express themselves with confidence and pride.

  • Goals


    1. Innovation: Continuously innovate and push the boundaries of design and craftsmanship to deliver garments that exceed expectations and set new standards in the industry.
    2. Inclusivity: Foster a diverse and inclusive community by celebrating individuality and creating clothing that transcends gender, age, and cultural boundaries.
    3. Sustainability: Prioritize sustainability throughout our supply chain, from sourcing materials to manufacturing processes, to minimize our environmental impact and contribute positively to our planet.
    4. Empowerment: Empower individuals to express themselves authentically and confidently through our garments, inspiring self-assurance and promoting a culture of acceptance and respect.
    5. Impact: Make a meaningful impact on our customers' lives by providing them with clothing that not only looks good but also makes them feel good, inside and out.

"Like, Poetry in Garment form"

By staying true to our vision, mission, and goals, we aim to not only revolutionize the way people perceive fashion but also to inspire a new generation of individuals to embrace their authentic selves and rise above societal norms.